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This transformation calculates new or replaces a column by using nested IF…THEN…ELSE conditions. While the same result can be achieved using an expression with nested if functions, the use of Rule transformation is recommended for clarity and readability.

Rule transformation is somewhat similar to switch or case statements in popular programming languages.


Source table: Average income and deductions

Country Gross income Disposable income Compulsory deductions
United States 56067 45582 18.7%
Australia 51050 42617 16.52%
Switzerland 53716 48414 9.87%
Canada 45896 37469 18.36%

Objective: Add a column describing the average spending potential in each country as low or high, based on the disposable income. The spending potential is high if the disposable income is $40,000 or more.

Transformation parameters:

  • Create new column: Spending
  • Calculated as: if ([Disposable income] > 40000), then HIGH.
  • If none of the condition above is met: Default to LOW

Output table:

Country Gross income Disposable income Compulsory deductions Spending
United States 56067 45582 18.7% HIGH
Australia 51050 42617 16.52% HIGH
Switzerland 53716 48414 9.87% HIGH
Canada 45896 37469 18.36% LOW
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