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List of all actions available in EasyMorph:



  • Calendar - create a sequence of dates in specified date range
  • Create List - create a list of up to 100 manually entered values
  • File List - create a list of files in specified folder
  • Folder List - create a list of folders in specified folder
  • Parameter table - creates a single-row table with parameter values as columns
  • Sequence - generate a sequence of numbers from 1 to N
  • Input - obtain input dataset from a calling project
  • Sandbox - create a table with temporary static snapshot of data

Transform / Basic

Transform / Advanced

Transform / Filters


Workflow / Internal

  • Call - pass table data to another project and run it once.
  • Either table - between current table and another table choose one that is not empty.
  • Halt on condition - stop project execution with an error if a condition is TRUE for any row.
  • Iterate - run another EasyMorph project once for each row in table.
  • Status - display custom project execution status message.
  • Synchronize with another table - wait until another table is calculated.
  • Wait - pause execution for specified number of seconds.

Workflow / External

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