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Specifies the parameters required to connect to a Airtable account to access base tables.

Name: Provide a name for the Airtable connector.
Note: Provide any notes regarding the connector (optional).
Documentation… Will allow you to enter a URL and Label for connector information. (optional)

Connector settings

API Key This is found by accessing your Airtable account page and scrolling down to the "<> API" section. Click in the purple box
(your API Key is hidden by default) to reveal your Key. Copy and paste it into the "API Key" field in your EasyMorph
connection configuration. (Note: Clicking the Regenerate API key will create a new Key for your account and will disable
any connections using the previous Key.)
Base ID This is found by selecting Help from your account's Dashboard screen, and selecting "API Documentation". On the REST API
page, select the base you wish to connect to. You will be taken to a page customized for the selected base. The Base ID is
provided in the "Introduction" section at the top. Copy and paste this ID into your EasyMorph connection configuration.

Once the values above are populated, click the Test button and enter the name of the table being connected to in the "Test table name" dialog that appears. Click the Test button to confirm the connection is functioning.

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