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Amazon SES connector

Connector for sending and fetching emails through Amazon SES (Simple Email Services).


  • SMTP username and SMTP password can be obtained from the Amazon SES console as described here.
  • SMTP endpoint should be set to an Amazon SES SMTP endpoint from a region that was used to create SMTP credentials. You can use the connector's Pick from list button to set SMTP endpoint by selecting a region or get SMTP endpoint address from here.
  • Sender's address should be set to an address that was verified with the Amazon SES.


:!: This connector can be used for sending emails only. It can't be used with the Fetch email action.

Under the hood, the following settings are used to connect to Amazon SES:

SMTP port 587
SMTP encryption method TLS

If Amazon SES has to be used with settings other than the above, please use the Email Server connector.

In order to increase email deliverability, you can authenticate your emails in Amazon SES.

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