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 +Specifies the parameters required to connect to a Pipedrive account.
 +**Name:**  Provide a name for the Pipedrive connector.\\
 +**Note:** Provide any notes regarding the connector (optional).\\
 +**Documentation…** Will allow you to enter a URL and Label for connector information. (optional)\\
 +=====Connection tab=====
 +|Authentication|Select the Authentication type.  Options:  //API Key// or //OAuth2//.\\ (The "OAuth2" type is not currently functional, but will be in the near future.  At this time, use only the "API Key" type.)|
 +Your account's *API key* can be found under "Settings | Personal Preferences".\\
 +"Company domain" is found under "Settings | Company Settings".\\
 +Once the appropriate Authentication type is selected and the appropriate connection values have been entered, click the //Test// button to confirm the connection is functioning.
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