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-=====HashHex(algorithm, text)=====+====== HashHex(algorithm, text) =====
 +Category:  Web function
-Calculates the hexadecimal hash of a given text value using one of the algorithms+\\  
-  * md5 +=====Description===== 
-  * sha1 +This function calculates the hexadecimal hash of a given text value using one of the algorithms listed in the table, below.
-  * sha256 +
-  * sha384 +
-  * sha512+
-Remarks: data types other than text are not converted into text automaticallyAll texts are assumed to have the UTF-8 encoding. The algorithm name is case-insensitiveThe value is case-sensitive.+\\  
 +|algorithm  | Text |The method to use to generate the hash from //text// See the table below | 
 +|text  |Text |The text string from which the hash value is generated | 
 +**Return value type:** Text.
-Example: +\\  
-Expression Result +^Algorithm  ^Notes  
-hashhex("md5", "Curiouser and curiouser!")  729528e852be58bfdbe25add1f48f487  |+|md5    | | 
 +|sha1 |  
 +|sha256    | | 
 +|sha384    | | 
 +|sha512    | |
 +Data types other than text are not converted into text automatically. All texts are assumed to have the UTF-8 encoding. The algorithm name is case-insensitive. The value is case-sensitive.
-**See also**+\\  
 +  hashhex("md5", "Curiouser and curiouser!" //Returns '729528e852be58bfdbe25add1f48f487'
 +=====See also=====
   * [[syntax:functions:hash|Hash(value)]]   * [[syntax:functions:hash|Hash(value)]]
   * [[syntax:functions:hmachex|HMACHex(algorithm, key, value)]]   * [[syntax:functions:hmachex|HMACHex(algorithm, key, value)]]
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