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-=====uriencode(encoding, value)=====+====== URIEncode(encoding, value) =====
 +Category:  Web function
-Encodes a URL string such as entire URL or just query-string values.+\\  
 +This function encodes a URL string such as an entire URL or just query-string values.
-**Example** +\\  
- Expression ^  Result  ^ +=====Arguments===== 
-uriencode("iso-8859-15", "Les Misérables"   |Les+Mis%e9rables |+^Argument^Type^Description^ 
 +|encoding  | Text |The encoding method to use on //text// | 
 +|text  |Text |The text string to be encoded. 
 +**Return value type:** Text.
-**See also**+\\  
 +  uriencode("iso-8859-15", "Les Misérables" //Returns 'Les+Mis%e9rables'
-  * [[syntax:functions:encode]] +\\  
-  * [[syntax:functions:uridecode]]+=====See also===== 
 +  * [[syntax:functions:encode|Encode(method, text)]] 
 +  * [[syntax:functions:uridecode|URIDecode(encoding, text)]]
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