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 ===== Import from delimited text file ===== ===== Import from delimited text file =====
-This transformation loads data from delimited text file.+This action loads data from one or multiple delimited text files.
-File name should include full or relative path.+The number of columns in the resulting dataset is defined by the 1st row of imported data.
 +//Encoding// - ASCII, ANSI (with code page), and other types of encoding. If you're not sure what to chose, try UTF-8 as it's the most common Unicode encoding.
 +//Separator// - the delimiter character that separates one value from another. For instance, for CSV files it should be comma. A custom separator consisting of up to 8 characters can also be specified.
 +//Decimal// - when a text value looks like a number, EasyMorph converts it into a number. The decimal character specifies whether such numbers should have comma or dot as decimal separator.
 +//Skip first lines// - this option specifies how many lines to skip from the beginning of a file. It can be helpful in case when first rows contain some metadata (file header) and actual tabular data starts only after that metadata. This setting can be specified using a parameter as well.
 +//Columns don't have headers// - check this if data doesn't have column headers.
 +**Advanced options**
 +//Show parsing errors// - check this to add a column that contains parsing errors (if any) for each line. It can help detect rows that have too few values, or too many values.
 +//Ignore quoting// - by default, values wrapped in double quotes can contain the separator character and line breaks. Check this option if wrapping double quotes should be treated as regular characters.
 +//Maximum number of lines to load// - limits the number of rows loaded from the file. This setting is applied after //Skip first lines//. Use 0 to load all rows.
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