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 +===== Import from XML =====
 +Import data from an XML file. Data elements are specified by an XML path. Optionally, data elements can be further narrowed down by selecting only particular XML elements and/or their attributes. Values and attributes of parent elements are repeated for child elements in order to preserve relationship between them.
 +Note that empty elements (e.g. <tag></tag> or <tag/>) are converted into empty text strings, while missing elements result in empty values (i.e. nulls).
 +=== DTD Parsing Modes ===
 +There are three modes that instruct EasyMorph how to parse DTD definitions:
 +^  Mode  ^  Behavior  ^
 +|Prohibit (default)  |DTD is not allowed. When DTD is encountered in the loaded XML file the project fails. |
 +|Ignore  |DTD is allowed, but ignored. When DTD is present in the loaded XML file it is completely ignored and no error is generated. |
 +|Parse  |DTD is parsed. |
 +=== Restrictions ===
 +  * Re-definition of namespaces is not supported. Elements with re-defined namespaces are ignored.
 +  * Multiple default namespaces per element not supported.
 +  * XML validation according to DTD or XDS is not performed.
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