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Specifies the parameters required to connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server account.

Name: Provide a name for the Exchange Server connector.
Note: Provide any notes regarding the connector (optional).
Documentation… Will allow you to enter a URL and Label for connector information. (optional)

Connection tab

ServerEnter the URL to the Exchange Server. Alternatively, check Auto-detect server URL and enter an email address to auto-configure the URL field.
Version Select the Exchange Server version being connected to and enter the account's user name or email address, and password. Check Use Windows credentials to use the user's Windows login credentials to make the connection.

Options tab

MailboxChoose which mailbox to connect to. Options: The account's default mailbox or Other (and enter the email address of the mailbox to connect to).
Max size of all attachments Select the maximum combined size of all attachments, per email. Select "Not specified" to not impose a restriction on the attachment maximum size.

Once the connector is configured, click the Test button. You will be prompted for an email address to send a test email to. Confirm the reception of the test email to verify the connector is working properly.

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