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 +Specifies the parameters required to connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server account.
 +**Name:**  Provide a name for the Exchange Server connector.\\
 +**Note:** Provide any notes regarding the connector (optional).\\
 +**Documentation…** Will allow you to enter a URL and Label for connector information. (optional)\\
 +=====Connection tab=====
 +|Server|Enter the URL to the Exchange Server.  Alternatively, check //Auto-detect server URL// and enter an email address to auto-configure the URL field. |
 +|Version| Select the Exchange Server version being connected to and enter the account's user name or email address, and password.  Check //Use Windows credentials// to use the user's Windows login credentials to make the connection.|
 +=====Options tab=====
 +|Mailbox|Choose which mailbox to connect to.  Options:  //The account's default mailbox// or //Other// (and enter the email address of the mailbox to connect to).|
 +| Max size of all attachments  | Select the maximum combined size of all attachments, per email.  Select "Not specified" to not impose a restriction on the attachment maximum size. |
 +\\ \\ 
 +Once the connector is configured, click the //Test// button.  You will be prompted for an email address to send a test email to.  Confirm the reception of the test email to verify the connector is working properly.
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