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Specifies the parameters required to connect to a Microsoft PowerBI account.

Name: Provide a name for the PowerBI connector.
Note: Provide any notes regarding the connector (optional).
Documentation… Will allow you to enter a URL and Label for connector information. (optional)

Connection tab

Access scopeSet the access permissions this connector allows. Options: Dataset.ReadWrite.All, Workspace.Read.All, Dataflow.ReadWrite.All. Dataset.ReadWrite.All is set by default and cannot be deselected.

Once the appropriate Access scope is selected, click the Authorize button. A Microsoft account dialog will appear to log into the specific account the connector will be accessing. Click "Sign In" on the subsequent dialog to grant EasyMorph permission to make the connection.

Note: Once the connection is established, the Authorize button converts to a Reset connector button to revoke access permissions. When this is done, the connector must be reauthorized or recreated to provide access again.

Options tab

Use custom OAuth appCheck this option if a custom OAuth app is being used.
App UID Enter the App UID of your OAuth client configured in the target web service.
Tenant (Optional) Enter a specific tenant here. If left blank, the signed-in user's tenant is used.

Once these values are populated, click the Test button to confirm the connection is functioning.

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