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Keyboard shortcuts


Shortcut Action
F1 Open this web-help
F5 Run project / current module
Ctrl + F5 Reload & Run: re-import all tables and run all actions
F6 Open the Parameter Editor
F7 Open the Connector Manager
F8 Open the Query Editor
Ctrl + B Copy selected action's output into a new sandbox
Ctrl + D Derive Table
Ctrl + M Move table to another block (tab)
Ctrl + N New project
Ctrl + O Open project
Ctrl + Q Add new action
Ctrl + S Save project
Ctrl + T Add data
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Tab Next block (tab)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous block (tab)
Ctrl + PgUp Previous module
Ctrl + PgDown Next module

Expression Editor

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + Enter Apply changes and close
ESC Discard changes and close

Action properties

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + Enter Apply changes


Shortcut Action
Ctrl + click action Run (up to) action
F2 Rename table
Ctrl + F2 Select next table in the current block (tab)
Double-click title bar Maximize table / restore minimized table
Ctrl + double-click title bar Minimize table

Data grid

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + C Copy the selected cell/column(s) contents into Clipboard
Up Select the cell above
Up from the 1st row Select the entire column
Down Select the cell below
Left Select the cell to the left
Right Select the cell to the right
Home Select the first cell in column
End Select the last cell in column
PgUp Scroll one page up
PgDown Scroll one page down
Double click cell Keep only the rows with the clicked value
Ctrl + Double click cell Remove the rows with the clicked value
Right-click column header Open the column context menu
Double click column header Open the Column Profiler
Click column header Select entire column
Ctrl + click column headers Select multiple columns
Shift + click column header Select a continuous range of columns

Note that you can copy and paste values from EasyMorph right into Excel. Press Ctrl+C to copy the selected cell/column(s) in EasyMorph, and then Ctrl+V in Excel to paste them.

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