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Category: Number function


This function returns the absolute value of number which is the distance of a number on the number line, from 0, without considering which direction the number lies

The absolute value of a number is never negative.


numberNumberThe value from which the unsigned absolute value is determined.

Return value type: Number


Unlike some other functions which implicitly convert date values to date serial values before evaluating, passing a date value into this function will result in an error ("#The argument must be a number.").


abs(10) //Returns 10
abs(-5) //Returns 5
abs(40.5) //Returns 40.5
abs(0) //Returns 0
abs(10*100) //Returns 1000  (Passing in a calculation is supported)
abs({MyNum}*[MyVal]) //Returns 15  ({MyNum}=5, [MyVal]=3; parameters are supported)
abs(#2021-10-21) //Returns "#The argument must be a number."
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