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AddYears(date, add_years)

Category: Date and Time function


This function adds add_years number of years to date. If add_years is negative, the years are subtracted.


dateDate or Number (date serial)A expression representing a date. The date to add years to.
add_years Number The number of years to be added to date, or subtracted if negative.

Return value type: Number (date serial value).


The date argument can take any value or expression that evaluates to a date serial value, with or without a time portion. Examples include:

  • A date string: #2019-12-12
  • A date serial value: 43811 (the date serial for "2019-12-12")
  • A date value created using any of the Date/Time functions that returns a date serial value.


addyears(#2019-12-12, 2)  //Returns 44542 (Equivalent to 2021-Dec-12.)
addyears(43811, 5)  //Returns 45683 (Equivalent to 2024-Dec-12.)
addyears(#2019-12-12, -2)  //Returns 43081 (Equivalent to 2017-Dec-12; subtract years.)

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