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Category: File function (found in the "Special" category in the EasyMorph application)


This function extracts the directory path from a full file path, excluding the file name.


full_path Text A full file path including the directory path and file name.

Return value type: Text.


Return values containing only a root path will include the trailing backslash while non-root paths will not include the trailing backslash. See the "Examples" section below.

When a relative reference is used in a rooted path, only the dot or double-dot is returned without the trailing backslash. See the "Examples" section below.


directory('C:\myproject.morph')  //Returns 'C:\'  (Root paths include a backslash.)
directory('C:\Documents\myproject.morph')  //Returns 'C:\Documents'  (No trailing backslash for non-root paths.)
directory('..\myproject.morph') //Returns '..' (Rooted relative reference excludes the backslash.)
directory('..\MyProjects\March\myproject.morph') //Returns '..\MyProjects\March' (Relative reference)

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