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Format(datetime, format)

Category: Date and Time function


This function converts datetime as a date serial value into a date-time text value formatted according to format.


datetime Date or Number (date serial) An expression representing a date serial value. The date to convert into a text-based date-time string.
format Text The layout of the datetime value describing the order and type of the date-time components.
See the "Format string components" table below.

Return value type: Text.

Date-Time format string components

A format string defines a formatting template for dates and times. Its components can be put together in any combination. If a character doesn't belong to a format component then it's inserted verbatim.

:!: The specifiers below are case-sensitive.

Date format specifier Description
d The day of the month, from 1 through 31.
dd The day of the month, from 01 through 31.
ddd The abbreviated name of the day of the week.
M The month, from 1 through 12.
MM The month, from 01 through 12.
MMM The abbreviated name of the month.
MMMM The full name of the month.
y The year, from 0 to 99.
yy The year, from 00 to 99.
yyyy The year as a four-digit number.
Time format specifier Description
h The hour, using a 12-hour clock from 1 to 12.
hh The hour, using a 12-hour clock from 01 to 12.
H The hour, using a 24-hour clock from 0 to 23.
HH The hour, using a 24-hour clock from 00 to 23.
m The minute, from 0 through 59.
mm The minute, from 00 through 59.
s The second, from 0 through 59.
ss The second, from 00 through 59.
t The first character of the AM/PM designator.
tt The AM/PM designator.


Note that the colon (":") is not a valid symbol for file names, so in instances where the results of this function are to be used in a file name (e.g., as a date-time stamp), the colon should not be used, or should be replaced before generating the file.


format( 41640, 'yyyyMMdd' )  //Returns '20140101' (41640 corresponds to January 1st, 2014.)
format( 43658, 'yy-MM-dd' )  //Returns '19-07-12' (43658 corresponds to July 12th, 2019.)
format( 41640.75, 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mmtt' )  //Returns '2014-01-01 06:00PM' (Includes time component.)

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