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If(condition, when_true, when_false)

Category: Logical function


This function evaluates condition and returns the when_true value if the condition is true, or when_false if not.


conditionExpressionThis is an expression or "test" that evaluates to either TRUE or FALSE.
when_trueExpressionIf the condition evaluates to TRUE, this value is returned.
when_falseExpressionIf the condition evaluates to FALSE, this value is returned.

Return value type: Text, Number, Boolean (the value types used for when_true and when_false)


To return a Boolean TRUE or FALSE value, use the True() and False() functions.

If() functions can be nested to provide decisions based on more than a single test, and return a value from more than just two choices. See examples below.

Both when_true and when_false values are always evaluated, even if only one of them is returned.


if(2+2=4, "Yes it does", "No it doesn't") //Returns "Yes it does"
if("This" = "That", 1, 0) //Returns 0  (Returns a numeric zero.)
if(rem(4,2)=0,"Number is even","Number is odd") //Returns "Number is even"  (Using a function in the condition.)
if({MyVal}+6=8,"Is 2","Is not 2") //Returns "Is not 2"  (Where "MyVal" = 3, parameters are supported.)

Nested if()s

Another "level" of logic can be introduced by using a nested if() for the outer if()'s TRUE and/or FALSE value(s). This becomes the equivalent of an "elseif" branch.

if( [Field1)>10, "More than 10", if( [Field1]>0, "More than 0, less than 10", "Less than 0" ) )

If [Field1] is greater than 10, the condition is evaluated to TRUE and the when_true value ("More than 10") is returned. However, if the condition is evaluated to FALSE, the when_false "value" is another if() test, which is evaluated. In this case, if [Field1] is greater than 0, "More than 0" is returned, otherwise "Less than 0" is.

Nested if()s can be used for the condition, the when_true, and/or the when_false values.

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