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Category: Text function


This function returns the number of characters (length) in the text value.

Use cases

This function can be used to determine if there are unexpected non-printing characters in a text string.


textTextThe text string evaluated to determine the number of characters it contains.

Return value type: Number


The number of characters returned includes unseen, non-printing characters (space, line feed, tab, etc.)

text is implicitly converted to text values if required


len('Telecommunications') //Returns 18
len('Computer sciences') //Returns 17  (Includes the space)
len(' Genetics ') //Returns 10  (Includes leading and trailing spaces)
len('Psychology' & char(9)) (Returns 11  //char(9) = tab, included in the length)
len(1000000) //Returns 7  (Implicit conversion of a numeric value to text)
len('') //Returns 0  (An empty string has a length of 0)
len([MyClass]) //Returns 12  (Using a field name; [MyClass] = 'Astrophysics')

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