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Category: Date and Time function


This function returns the date serial number of the last day of the month date falls in.


dateDate or Number (date serial)An expression representing a date to derive the month's last day date value from.

Return value type: Date serial number


The date argument can take any value or expression that evaluates to a date serial value. Examples include:

  • A date string: #2019-12-12
  • A date serial value: 43811 (the date serial for "2019-12-12")
  • A date value created using any of the Date/Time functions that returns a date serial value.


monthend(#2018-06-06)  //Returns 43281 (Equivalent to June 30th, 2018.)
monthend(#2020-02-15)  //Returns 43890 (Equivalent to February 29th, 2020 - a leap year.)
day( monthend( #2019-01-10 ) )  //Returns 31 (Combined with the Day function, only the day number is returned.)

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