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PadEnd(text, pad_char, total_len)

Category: Text function


This function pads the end of text with pad_char up to a total length defined by total_len.


textTextThe text value to be padded.
pad_charText (a single character)The character to append to the end of text repeatedly until the total string length of total_len is reached.
total_lenNumberThe total length of the result string including text plus all repeated instances of pad_text.

Return value type: Text


text and pad_char are implicitly converted to text values if required.

Entering a value for pad_char longer than a single character results in an error message.

Entering a value for total_len equal to or less than the length of text simply returns the value of text.


padend('99', '0', 5) //Returns '99000'
padend('1000', '0', 3) //Returns '1000'  (Result length entered (3) is less than the length of '1000' (4))

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