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ReplaceBetween(text, string1, contents, string2)

Category: Text function


This function replaces the characters between string1 and string2 in text with contents.

Use cases

This function can be used for patching or editing HTML/XML data.


textText (must not be empty)The initial text value.
string1Text (must not be empty)The text string that defines the starting point of the text to be replaced.
string2Text (must not be empty)The text string that defines the ending point of the text to be replaced.
contentsText (must not be empty)The text string to be inserted between string1 and string2, replacing any existing text.

Return value type: Text


This function is case-sensitive.

text, string1, string2 and contents are implicitly converted to text values if required.

If either string1 or string2 is not found within text, the original text string is returned.

Only the text string between the first occurrence of the string1 and string2 pair is replaced. Any other occurrences are ignored. See the last Example, below.


replacebetween('<b>123</b>', '<b>', 'ABC', '</b>') //Returns '<b>ABC</b>'
replacebetween('<b>123</b>', '<u>', 'ABC', '</b>') //Returns '<b>123</b>' ('<u>' not found)
replacebetween('<b>123</b>', '<b>', 'ABC', '</u>') //Returns '<b>123</b>' ('</u>' not found)
replacebetween('ABC_ABC', 'A', 'N', 'C') //Returns 'ANC_ABC' (first occurrence is replaced)
replacebetween('aBC_aBC', 'A', 'N', 'C') //Returns 'aBC_aBC' (case-sensitive; 'A' not found)

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