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Round(number, dec_places)

Category: Number function


This function rounds a number to dec_places number of decimal digits.

Alternative syntax

The 2nd argument in this function is optional. If omitted, it's assumed to be 0.

Round(number)  //The same as Round(number, 0)


numberNumberThe value, usually fractional, to be rounded.
dec_placesNumber (from -9 to 28)The number of decimal places to round number to.

Return value type: Number


There exist two types of rounding in general - "Rounding away from zero" (a.k.a symmetric rounding) and "Rounding to the nearest even number" (a.k.a. banker's rounding). This function is using the latter, as it's the standard way of rounding as described in IEEE Standard 754, section 4. For Excel-type rounding (away from zero) use RoundXL(number, dec_places) function.

Using a dec_places value of "0" rounds to the nearest whole number.


round(5.55, 1) //Returns 5.6
round(5.65, 1) //Returns 5.6
round(101.567, 2) //Returns 101.57
round(101.5784, 3) //Returns 101.578
round(92.523, 0) //Returns 93
round(12345, -2) //Returns 12300

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