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Category: Text function


This function removes the first and the last characters from a text value.

Use cases

This function is typically used to remove wrapping characters such as quotes, parentheses, or brackets.


textTextAny text value. Numeric values are not implicitly converted. See Remarks, below.

Return value type: Text


It is not implied that the characters being removed have to be matching. Regardless of what the leading and trailing characters are, they will be removed.

Passing a numeric value into this function will have no effect (the value will be returned unchanged). Numeric values are not implicitly converted to text in this function. To use Strip on a number, convert the number to text first using the AsText(value) function.


strip('<table>') //Returns 'table'
strip('(house)') //Returns 'house'
strip('another') //Returns 'nothe'
strip('120012') //Returns '2001'
strip(10001) //Returns 10001  (Numeric values are returned unchanged)
strip(astext(10001)) //Returns '000'  (Convert numbers to text first)
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