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Category: Special function


This function returns the system value specified by the keyword argument. The keyword must be a text constant from the table below and may not be a data field reference or parameter.


keywordText One of the text constants from the table below specifying the system data desired.

Return value type: Text (one of the Result values from the table below)

Currently supported keywords:

Keyword Result
user The Windows account of the current Windows process. On EasyMorph Server, it's the account of the worker that executes the project.
identity The Windows identity of the user that triggered the workflow. In EasyMorph Desktop, Launcher, and CLW it's the same as the Windows account of the current Windows process. On EasyMorph Server, if the current space uses authentication via Active Directory, then the function returns the account of the current user that is logged into the space. For all other space types, it returns an empty value.
projectpath The full path to the current project, including file name.
projectfilename The current project’s file name only, without the extension.
projectdir The current project’s directory.
callerpath The full path to the calling project 1) including file name.
callerfilename The file name (without extension) of the calling project.
programdir The full path to morph.exe.
currentdir The working directory.
utcoffset The UTC offset to the system time zone ( e.g. "-04:00:00").
tempdir The current temporary directory.
projectappversionThe version of the application that created current project


system('projectpath') = "C:\Documents\myproject.morph"
system('projectfilename') = "myproject.morph"

See also

The calling project is the project that contains the Call or Iterate action that called the current project
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