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Returns system values. They keyword must be a text constant. Reference to a field or parameter not allowed.

Currently supported keywords:

Keyword Result
user The current Windows user.
projectpath The full path to the current project including file name.
projectfilename Current project’s file name only, without extension.
projectdir Current project’s directory.
callerpath The full path to the calling project 1) including file name.
callerfilename The file name (without extension) of the calling project.
programdir The full path to morph.exe.
currentdir The working directory.
utcoffset The UTC offset to the system time zone ( e.g. "-04:00:00").
tempdir The current temporary directory.
projectappversionThe version of application that created current project


Example Result
system('projectpath') C:\Documents\myproject.morph

See also

The calling project is the project that contains the Call or Iterate transformation that called the current project
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