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-===== Qlik Sense Command =====+{{ transformations:QlikSenseCommandAction.png}} 
 +====== QLIK SENSE COMMAND ====== 
 +Category: Workflow / App/Cloud\\
-Triggers reloading of specified task in QMC (Qlik Management Console).+\\  
 +This action triggers synchronous reloading of the specified task in QMC (Qlik Sense Management Console) and waits until the task is finished. If the task fails, the returned QMC task reload errors as EasyMorph errors (it parses the task log under the hood).  A configured [[connectors:qlik|Qlik Sense connector]] is required. 
 +=====Action settings===== 
 +^ Setting  ^ Description 
 +|Connector<sup>*</sup>|Select the preconfigured Qlik Sense connector, or, build one by selecting //Add connector//.| 
 +|Command|Select the command this action will perform.| 
 +<sup>*</sup> Setting can be specified using a [[:parameters|parameter]]. 
 +The action requires the following permissions to be set in QMC for the user account that is used to trigger QMC tasks from EasyMorph using this action: 
 +^ QMC object   ^ Action   ^ Note  ^ 
 +| ReloadTask*  |Read, Update   | Required for triggering a QMC task  | 
 +| ExecutionSession*  |Read | Required for polling the execution session 
 +| ExecutionResult*  |Read | Required for obtaining the execution result 
 +| FileReference*  | Read  | Required for reading the task log if the task failed 
 +<sup>*</sup> Setting can be specified using a [[:parameters|parameter]].
-Returns reload errors as EasyMorph errors. 
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