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All the actions available in EasyMorph:

Import / File

Import / Database

Import / App & Cloud

Import / API

Create / Generate

  • Calendar - create a sequence of dates in specified date range
  • Create list - create a list of up to 100 manually entered values
  • List of files - create a list of files in specified folder
  • List of folders - create a list of folders in specified folder
  • Parameter table - creates a single-row table with parameter values as columns
  • Sequence - generate a sequence of numbers from 1 to N
  • System information - obtain system information (such as current Windows account or free RAM).

Create / Input

  • Input - obtain input dataset from a calling project
  • Sandbox - create a table with temporary static snapshot of data

Transform / Basic

  • Aggregate - calculate aggregates (subtotals) like sum or count grouped by one or more fields.
  • Append another table - Append another table as new rows or columns.
  • Calculate new column(s) - calculate new column with expression built using arithmetical operations and various functions.
  • Clean up - remove particular values from one or more columns.
  • Concatenate text - concatenate column values into delimited text.
  • Convert data type - convert text dates into number dates.
  • Enumerate rows - add column with row numbers.
  • Keep/remove columns - retain or delete selected columns.
  • Lookup - replace values in a column using a lookup table.
  • Merge another table - merge (join) one or more columns from another table where certain columns in both tables match.
  • Modify column(s) - replace existing column with a calculated expression.
  • Peek - create a new column using a single value from another table.
  • Rename columns - assign new names to selected columns.
  • Reorder columns - rearrange the sequence of the columns within a dataset.
  • Replace - replace particular values in a column with new ones.
  • Rule - calculate or replace a column using multiple nested IF..THEN…ELSE conditions.
  • Sort - sort table by one or more columns.

Transform / Advanced

Transform / Filters

Transform / Web

Export / File

Export / Database

Export / App & Cloud

Workflow / Internal

  • Breakpoint - stop project execution.
  • Call another module/project - pass table data to another project and run it once.
  • Either table - between current table and another table choose one that is not empty.
  • Halt on data type mismatch - abort project execution if a value in specified column(s) has a wrong type.
  • Halt/Warn on condition - abort project execution, or display a warning and continue, if the specified condition is fulfilled.
  • Iterate - run another module/project once for each row in table.
  • Iterate column - run another module/project once for each column in table and automatically append all returned columns into one table.
  • Iterate table - run another module/project once for each row in table and pass another table to it.
  • Play sound - Play a system sound or .wav file.
  • Repeat - run another module/project until/while its output is empty.
  • Shared memory - perform operations on shared memory, a key-value data respository.
  • Skip actions on condition - skip the rest of actions in table if the specified condition is fulfilled.
  • Skip on condition in another table - skip the rest of the actions in table if the condition in another table is fulfilled.
  • Start/finish exclusive access - enforce mutually exclusive access to a resource for simultaneously executed projects (tasks).
  • Status - display custom project execution status message.
  • Synchronize - wait until another table is calculated.
  • To-do - add a to-do item to the workflow.
  • Wait - pause execution for specified number of seconds.

Workflow / External

  • Catalog command - list/create/update/delete Catalog directories, items, and item fields.
  • Database command - create/delete/truncate DB table or send a custom SQL command to a database (e.g. to bulk load a file).
  • Delete database rows - delete rows in a database table that satisfy query conditions.
  • Delete matching database rows - delete rows in a database table where key values match/don't match key values in an EasyMorph table.
  • Download file - download a file from the internet.
  • Email command - performs various operations with email messages.
  • Excel command - perform file/sheet operations and run VBA macros in Excel files.
  • Fetch email - fetch email messages and their attachments from a mail server (Exchange or IMAP).
  • File command - performs basic file operations such as copy/move/rename/delete/unzip.
  • File transfer - transfer files over SFTP or SCP to or from a remote computer.
  • Generate documentation - generate HTML documentation for an EasyMorph project.
  • Iterate program - execute external application once for each row in a table.
  • Iterate Web Request - send multiple uniform HTTP requests to a web API and append responses into one table.
  • PowerShell - executes one or more PowerShell statements.
  • Run program - execute external application once.
  • Send email - send an email with an attachment to one or more recipients.
  • SSH command - run one or several commands on a remote computer using the SSH protocol.
  • Update database table - update a database table with values from EasyMorph.
  • Web Request - send an HTTP request to a web API and receive a response.
  • XSLT transformation - transform a given XML file using XSLT stylesheets.

Workflow / Apps and cloud

:?: If you need an action that is not currently available in EasyMorph please feel free to make a feature request on the Community forum.

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