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Running EasyMorph projects from the command line

To execute EasyMorph projects (.morph files) from the command line use the standalone Command-Line Worker (CLW) utility.


  • Support for project parameters
  • Notifications about project failures by email or using a webhook
  • Logging
  • Running projects synchronously or asynchronously (fire & forget)
  • Support for file repositories as well as Server-hosted
  • Licensed per installation, can be used by any Windows user that has access to the machine

Installation and configuration

Download the utility from the "All downloads" page and run it. The utility installer creates two executables:

  • morph-cmd.exe - the command-line utility itself
  • Morph.Cmd.Config.exe - the configurator tool with a GUI

To configure CLW, run the configuration utility first. Note that CLW doesn't come with a pre-installed connector repository. Use an existing one from your EasyMorph Desktop or EasyMorph Server.


Run project without parameters:

morph-cmd.exe myproject.morph

Project parameters can be defined from the command line as well. If a project parameter is not defined from the command line then it keeps its default value. If a parameter name or parameter value contains spaces then it must be wrapped in double quotes.

Run project with parameters:

morph-cmd.exe myproject.morph /param:Year=2015 /param:"File name"="C:\My Documents\input.csv"

Run project asynchronously without parameters:

morph-cmd.exe /runasync myproject.morph

Generate documentation from the command line (the project is not run, only documentation is generated):

morph-cmd.exe /document myproject.morph


Errors that occurred during command-line execution are written into a project log file with the same name as the project (e.g. myproject.log). The project log files are created in the same directory as projects.

Fatal (system errors) are written into the application log morph-cmd.log located in C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph\Command Line Worker.

The project log directory can be specified using option /projectLogPath, for instance:

morph-cmd.exe myproject.morph /projectLogPath:"C:\logs\easymorph"

In this case, all project logs will be written into the specified directory.

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