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Project parameters

Parameters can be used to parameterize actions and expressions instead of action properties such as file names in export/import actions, and instead of constants in expressions (e.g. multipliers and ratios). See expression syntax for using parameters in expressions.

Also, parameters are used for arranging iterations (loops) and calling subroutines (e.g. other modules/projects).

Parameters are global for a module, which means that they are available for all tables in that module. The value of a parameter is the same for all tables in a module. Changing a parameter value automatically (if Auto-run is on) causes recalculation of all actions that use the parameter.

Parameter editor

Parameters can be created, edited and removed using the Parameter Editor available from the menu "Project" or invoked by pressing F6.

Parameter types

Parameters can be of several types:

  • Text or number - text treated as a number if it looks like a number, or as a text value otherwise
  • File path - used to provide a file location. It has helper buttons for opening the file browser and triggering absolute/relative paths.
  • Folder name - used to provide a folder location. It has a helper button for opening the folder browser.
  • Date - used to specify a date that can be chosen using a date picker (calendar).
  • Fixed list - used to pick a value from a pre-defined fixed list. It appears as a combo-box.
  • Multiple choice - used to pick one or several values from a pre-defined fixed list. It appears as a checklist.
  • Checkbox - parameter appears as a checkbox and is used to pick one of two predefined values.
  • Calculated parameter can be calculated using expressions. Such expressions can refer to other parameters (calculated or not) but not to field names because parameters are global and exist on the project level. Calculated parameters are evaluated automatically before running a project or calculating a transformation.

Module overview

Besides the Parameter Editor, all module parameters can be viewed and edited in the "Module overview" sidebar.

EasyMorph Launcher

EasyMorph Launcher allows creating and running tasks with the same project but with different parameter values. It can automatically prompt parameter values on every run.

EasyMorph Server

EasyMorph Server also allows running projects with a different set of parameter values or prompt parameter values on every run.

Command line execution

Parameter values can be provided from the command line if needed. If a parameter value isn't provided, then its default value is used. Calculated parameters can't be defined from the command line. See the command line syntax for more details.

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