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Contains(text, look_for)

Category: Text function


This function determines whether text contains the look_for string. If found, this function returns TRUE, otherwise it returns FALSE.


textTextThe text value to search within for the look_for string.
look_forTextThe text string to search for within text.

Return value type: Boolean (TRUE/FALSE)


This function is case sensitive.


contains('Mount St. Helens', 'Mount') //Returns TRUE
contains('Mount Killimanjaro', 'Mountain') //Returns FALSE
contains('Mont Blanc', 'blanc') //Returns FALSE  (Non-matching cases.)
contains([Mtn_Name],'Everest') //Returns TRUE  (Using a field name; if [Mtn_Name] is 'Mount Everest')
contains([Mtn_Name], 'Everest') //Returns FALSE  (Using a field name; if [Mtn_Name] is 'K2')

For "per row" matching between two columns, field names can be used for both text and look_for.

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