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Find(text, look_for)

Category: Text function


This function finds the exact position of look_for within text and returns the position of the first character. If look_for is not found within text then it returns 0.

The first character in text has an index of 1.


textTextThe text value to search within for the look_for string.
look_forTextThe text string to search for within text.

Return value type: Number


This function is case sensitive.

Both arguments are implicitly converted to text values if required.


find('New York', 'York') //Returns 5
find('New York', 'New') //Returns 1
find('New York', 'Dallas') //Returns 0
find('New York New York', 'York') //Returns 5  (Returns the position of the first instance only)
find('New York', 'new') //Returns 0  (Unmatched due to case)
find([City], 'Ant') //Returns 5  (Using a field name; [City] = 'San Antonio')
find(1200, 2) //Returns 2  (Numeric values are converted to text implicitly)

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