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Category: Text function


This function returns a string with the reverse order of characters in text.

Use cases

This function allows for using text functions such as KeepBefore and KeepAfter to operate with the last occurrence of a substring in a text value. Refer to the example below.


textTextAny text value, or value that can be implicitly converted to text.

Return value type: Text


Number values entered for text are implicitly converted to text.

The case of characters is retained in the mirrored return value.


mirror('New Jersey') //Returns 'yesreJ weN'
mirror('Toronto') //Returns 'otnoroT'
mirror(123456) //Returns '654321' (Number implicitly converted; value returned as text.)

Allows the use of KeepAfter on the last instance of the specified character '-'. (Spaces added for clarity.)

mirror( keepafter( mirror('one-two-three'), '-') ) //Returns 'one-two'
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