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RemoveChars(text, chars)

Category: Text function


This function removes the individual characters specified in chars from text.


textTextAny text value from which the characters in chars are removed.
charsTextThe set of individual characters to remove from text.

Return value type: Text


The individual characters listed in chars are removed from text, not just the whole value of chars as a string.

All instances of each character in chars are removed.

If none of the characters in chars appear in text, the whole value of text is returned.


removechars('Jayne Mansfield', 'aeiou') //Returns 'Jayn Mnsfld'
removechars('Jane Goodall', 'al') //Returns 'Jne Good'
removechars('Jane Seymour','clk') //Returns 'Jane Seymour'
removechars(102102102,12) //Returns '000'  (Numbers are implicitly converted to text; value is returned as text)

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