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RemoveEnd(text, length)

Category: Text function


This function returns text excluding the last length characters, including spaces and non-printing characters.


textTextAny text value from which the trailing length characters are removed.
lengthNumber (Greater than 0)The number of characters to remove from the end of text.

Return value type: Text


Number values entered for text are implicitly converted to text.

Blank spaces and non-printing characters are counted as characters and removed.

To ensure hidden, non-printing characters are not throwing off results, use the Sanitize function on text first.


removeend('1000 USD', 4) //Returns '1000'
removeend('October 1, 2014', 6) //Returns 'October 1'
removeend(100200, 3) //Returns '100' (Number implicitly converted to text; value is returned as text)
removeend('North' & char(10) & 'South', 7) //Returns 'Nort' (the line break - char(10) - counts as a character)

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