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 +===== Either table =====
 +Between two input datasets (a result of previous transformation and a final state of another table) chooses one that is not empty. If both tables are not empty then it gives preference based on transformation settings.
 +**Use cases**
 +  * "If-then" types of workflows. In this scenario the workflow should be organized in a way that makes empty either one table (when a condition is fulfilled) or another (when the condition is NOT fulfilled). Then Either transformation is used to pick a non-empty result dataset of one of these tables. Since both tables can have different sets of transformations it allows applying different transformation logic depending on the condition.
 +  * Insertion of arbitrary datasets at any point of a transformation chain with the help of [[transformations:sandbox|Sandbox transformation]]
 +**See also**
 +  * [[transformations:sandbox|Sandbox transformation]]
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