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Category: Workflow / Internal


Between two input datasets (the result of the previous action in the current table, and a final state of another table), Either table chooses the one that is not empty. If both tables are not empty, it gives preference based on the action settings.

Use cases

  • "If-then" types of workflows. In this scenario, the workflow should be organized in a way that makes empty either one table (when a condition is fulfilled) or another (when the condition is NOT fulfilled). Then Either table is used to pick a non-empty result dataset. Since both tables can have different sets of actions, it allows for applying different action logic depending on the condition.
  • Insertion of arbitrary datasets at any point in an action chain with the help of the Sandbox action

Action settings

Other tableSelect the table with the results that will be used in place of the current dataset, if it's not empty.
ModeChoose which dataset will have priority if both are not empty. Options: Use this table if it's not empty, otherwise
use the other one
or Use the other table if it's not empty, otherwise use this one.

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