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Category: Import/ API


This action receives an HTTP request from a custom API endpoint of EasyMorph Server.

This action requires a configured connection to an EasyMorph Server space.

Use cases

When published to the EasyMorph Server, this action will receive incoming HTTP requests, capture the request information as a dataset, and populate the module's parameters with values passed in. Use the Construct HTTP response action to create responses to the HTTP requests.

Action settings

Setting Description
PopulateUse this to open the Pick a recent HTTP request dialog to prepopulate the action's dataset.

Pick a recent HTTP request dialog settings

Setting Description
Request resultSelect whether to retrieve request information from successful or failed requests. Options: Success or Failure.
EndpointSelect the API endpoint to retrieve information about.
HTTP methodSelect the HTTP method to retrieve information about.
Request timeSelect the date/time of the HTTP request.
Module parameters will be assigned as follows (dialog)This dialog displays the mapping between the workflow's parameter(s) and the endpoint's defined URL parameter(s).

Pressing "Apply" on the Module parameters dialog will populate the action's dataset with values from the selected HTTP request. Use references to these columns and values to build the rest of the workflow.


To pass in multiple parameters, enter them as different path segments (e.g., "/spacename/test-api/param1/param2/…").

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