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 +===== EasyMorph Server command =====
 +This action allows interacting with a remote EasyMorph Server using specified EasyMorph Server connector. Currently, the action has 5 commands:
 +**Run task**
 +Runs a Server task. Task parameters can be specified in the action properties.
 +**Upload file**
 +Upload a local file to a Server space 's public folder or its sub-folder.
 +**Download file**
 +Download a file from a Server space.
 +**Delete file**
 +Delete a file from a Server space.
 +**List files**
 +Produce a list of files in a Server space.
 +Note that the Server space is defined in EasyMorph Server connector properties.
 +The action can be used to interoperate with an EasyMorph Server from Desktop projects. For example, heavy data processing can be offloaded from a low-memory desktop computer to a high-memory Server. In this case EasyMorph Server Command can be used to upload files to the Server, trigger a Server task that processes them, then download the resulting data from the Server to the local machine.
 +Another use case: use integrations that are set up on the Server, but not available on the local machine. In this case, the action can trigger a Server task that in turn pulls data from an external system, then download the data to the local machine.
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