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EasyMorph Server command

This action allows interacting with a remote EasyMorph Server using specified EasyMorph Server connector. Currently, the action has 5 commands:

Run task Runs a Server task. Task parameters can be specified in the action properties.

Upload file Upload a local file to a Server space 's public folder or its sub-folder.

Download file Download a file from a Server space.

Delete file Delete a file from a Server space.

List files Produce a list of files in a Server space.

Note that the Server space is defined in EasyMorph Server connector properties.

The action can be used to interoperate with an EasyMorph Server from Desktop projects. For example, heavy data processing can be offloaded from a low-memory desktop computer to a high-memory Server. In this case EasyMorph Server Command can be used to upload files to the Server, trigger a Server task that processes them, then download the resulting data from the Server to the local machine.

Another use case: use integrations that are set up on the Server, but not available on the local machine. In this case, the action can trigger a Server task that in turn pulls data from an external system, then download the data to the local machine.

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