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Creates a matrix table using values in one column as column labels, and values in another column as the matrix column's values. This transformation is opposite to Unpivot.

Example: Winter Olympics medals

Country Season Medals
Canada winter 2010 26
United States winter 2010 37
Norway winter 2010 23
Germany winter 2010 30
Canada winter 2014 25
United States winter 2014 28
Norway winter 2014 26
Germany winter 2014 19

Pivot on columns [Season] and [Medals]. Aggregation - Any. Result:

Country winter 2010 winter 2014
Canada 26 25
United States 37 28
Norway 23 26
Germany 30 19

Note that grouping works implicitly in the “Pivot” action. Groups are formed by combination of values in other columns that not labels or data. Values in a group are aggregated into 1 row. For instance in the example above, column [Country] was used for implicit grouping, because two other columns, [Season] and [Medals], were used for labels and data respectively.

If a pivoted dataset has only two columns, one of which is used for data, and the other for labels), then the resulting dataset will always have only 1 row.

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