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Category: Transform / Advanced


This action removes empty rows or rows that appear empty, and have no meaningful information (e.g. whitespace values). For convenience, certain columns can be ignored if they have non-empty values which are not necessary.

Use cases

The action can be convenient for removing empty rows without using a filter. When empty rows are removed using a filter applied to 1 or several columns there is always a risk that important data may reside in columns not included in the filters and thus accidentally removed. The Remove empty rows action reduces this risk and guarantees that only rows without meaningful information will be removed.

Action settings

Remove empty rows where settings

All values are empty valuesRemoves columns that only contain empty values (nulls)
All values are empty or whitespaceRemoves columns that contain either empty or whitespace values (e.g. values with only spaces, line breaks, or tabs but no visible characters).

Remove empty rows settings

TopWhen checked, all empty rows from the start of the dataset (row 1) to the first non-empty row are removed.
Between the first and last non-empty rowWhen checked, all empty rows in the middle of the dataset - between the first non-empty row, and the last non-empty row - are removed .
BottomWhen checked, all empty rows from the end of the dataset (last row) up to the last non-empty row are removed.

Ignore columns (optional) settings

Select from the list which columns' values are ignored when determining when to remove the row or not. In other words, all values within the selected column(s) will be treated as empty.


When using the Ignore columns option, note that if columns contain values, but the rest of the columns are columns are blank (for any given record), the rows will be removed and data in these columns will be removed. Use this setting when columns contain static values, or perhaps annotations, that are not relevant if the rest of the rows' data is blank.


Example: Remove empty rows, ignore column [Note].

Source dataset:

Product name Qty Price Note
Big thing 1 1000
No data here
Medium thing 10 100
Small thing 100 10

Action parameters:

Remove rows where can be either setting in this example.
"Between the first and last non-empty rows" is "checked".
"Ignore columns": "Note" is selected.

Result table:

Product name Qty Price Note
Big thing 1 1000
Medium thing 10 100
Small thing 100 10

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