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Category: Transform / Advanced


This action selects (keeps) columns which names are listed in another table.

Use cases

This action is typically used when the names of columns to select are not known in advance and have to be obtained dynamically during a calculation.

Action settings

TableSelect the table containing the column name values.
ColumnSelect the column in the selected table that contains the column name values.
Ignore caseWhen selected, the case is not considered when matching column names in the current dataset to the column name
values in the second dataset.

The reference to the second table will appear as a dotted line connecting this action to the second dataset in the application window.


Example: Keep only the columns in Table 1 that are listed in Table 2 (River, Length (km), and Outflow).

Table 1: River lengths.

River Length (km) Continent Outflow
Nile 6650Africa Mediterranean
Amazon 6400South America Atlantic Ocean
Yangtze 6300Asia East China Sea
Mississippi 6275North America Gulf of Mexico

Table 2: Columns to select (keep)

Heading names
Length (KM)

Action parameters:

Table is "Table 2"
Columns is "Heading names" (in Table 2)
Ignore case is "checked"

Result table:

River Length (km) Outflow
Nile 6650Mediterranean
Amazon 6400Atlantic Ocean
Yangtze 6300East China Sea
Mississippi 6275Gulf of Mexico

If Ignore case was not checked, the "Length (km)" column would not have been selected.

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