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Category: Transform / Filters


This action filters a dataset based on selected values in a specified column. The action can be set to either keep the rows or remove them.

Use cases

Create subsets of a dataset based on values in a specific column.

Clean a dataset by removing records that may have "junk" data in a specific column.

Remove or keep records containing a "flag" value in a specific column.

Action settings

Setting Description
Filter columnSelect the column containing the values to be used for filtering.
Keep/Remove columnsSelect whether to keep the rows containing the selected values or remove them. Select the individual values
to keep/remove from the list at the bottom of the settings pane. Options: Keep only selected values or
Remove selected values.


This action keeps or removes rows containing selected whole values in a single column and does not support partial matches or multiple columns.

The choice to use keep vs. remove depends on how you want to handle new values that are introduced in the dataset. If you select specific values to keep, the new values will not appear in the dataset. If you select specific values to remove, the new values will appear in the dataset.


Example: Find out which are the longest rivers in both Americas.

Source table: The longest rivers in the world

River Length (km) Continent
Nile 6650 Africa
Amazon 6400 South America
Yangtze 6300 Asia
Mississippi 6275 North America
Yenisei 5539 Asia
Yellow River 5464 Asia
Ob 5410 Asia
Paraná 4880 South America

Action parameters:

Column is "Continent"
Filtering mode is "Keep only selected values"
Values selected: "South America"; "North America "

Result table:

River Length (km) Continent
Amazon 6400 South America
Mississippi 6275 North America
Paraná 4880 South America

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