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Category: Transform / Advanced


This action splits text values of the selected column into multiple columns of values of specified lengths. It is similar to the Import fixed width text action with the difference being that it works with the already loaded dataset.

Show preview: Preview the raw version of the column's data, and the post-split results, using the Show preview button at the top of the action settings window.

Use cases

Use this action when you have a column of text-based data in which the individual values are defined by positioning (spaces, tabs, etc.) rather than delimiting characters, and you need to separate them into columns.

If your data has delimeters, use the Split delimited text into columns or Split delimited text into rows action, instead.

Action settings

ColumnSelect the column containing the text to be split.
DecimalSelect the character to represent the decimal point for columns determined to be containing numeric values, after splitting. Options: Point or Comma.
Keep original columnWhen selected, the source column will remain in the dataset.
New columnsRefer to the table below for new column settings.
Put remaining symbols into columnCheck "on" to capture any characters falling outside the final column's defined width.

New columns settings

Add more columnsThis button will open a list where the columns in the imported file can be explicitly defined by Name and Width.
NOTE: Changes made here can be viewed in the preview pane by clicking the Show preview button at the top.
NameThe names to be assigned to the new columns.
WidthThe size, in characters, of the column. Characters that extend past the width of the final column are dropped unless the
Put remaining symbols into column option is used. See above.



Leading and trailing whitespace are automatically removed from values when the new columns are created.


Example: Extract the year, month, day, hour, and minutes from the timestamps.

Source dataset:


Action settings:

Column settings: Set these in the preview pane or enter them under New columns.
Column 1 Name is "Year" and the Width is 4
Column 2 Name is "Month" and the Width is 2
Column 3 Name is "Day", and the Width is 3
Column 4 Name is "Separator1", and the Width is 1
Column 5 Name is "Hour", and the Width is 2
Column 6 Name is "Separator2", and Width is 1
Put remaining symbols into column "Minutes"

Result table:

Year Month Day Separator1 Hour Separator2 Minutes
201701 02 T 08 : 31
201701 03 T 08 : 22
201701 04 T 08 : 15

Use the Keep/Remove columns action downstream to remove the "Separator" columns if not needed.

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