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This action generates a single-row dataset of system information items such as:

  • Windows account name (of the current Windows process)
  • Windows identity (of the user that triggered the workflow)
  • Free RAM (in MB)
  • Current machine name
  • UTC offset
  • Temporary directory (of the current user)
  • Workflow run ID

Use cases

This action can be used to:

  • generate documentation about users running workflows, the systems they were run on, and the times they were run.
  • branch a workflow based on the system and/or user running the workflow.
  • check that the current system has enough available RAM before running a known memory-intensive workflow.
  • preset a default target directory if no other directory is defined or available when the workflow runs.

Action settings

Item Description
Windows account of the current Windows processLists the current process' Windows account name in the format of [SystemName]\[User Name].
Windows identity of the user that triggered the workflowLists the user's Windows identity name in the format of [SystemName]\[User Name].
Free RAM, MBLists the amount of available system memory (RAM), in megabytes.
Machine NameLists the name of the system defined in Windows.
UTC offsetLists the difference in time between the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the local system time.
Temporary directoryLists the fully-qualified path to the user's temporary directory. By default this is "C:\Users\[Profile name]\App data\Local\Temp".
Workflow run IDWhen checked, a GUID that is the same for all modules or projects called/iterated during the current workflow run is returned. The ID changes for each new workflow run.

Note: Each item selected from the list above creates a column in the dataset for that value.

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