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This transformation calculates the aggregates for selected columns grouped by another set of columns.

Available aggregations:

  • Sum
  • Count
  • Count only distinct values
  • Average
  • Min
  • Max


Source table: The longest rivers in the world

River Length(km) Continent
Nile 6650 Africa
Amazon 6400 South America
Yangtze 6300 Asia
Mississippi 6275 North America
Yenisei 5539 Asia
Yellow River 5464 Asia
Ob 5410 Asia
Paraná 4880 South America

Objective: Find out the longest river on each continent.

Transformation parameters:

  • Calculate: Length(km)
  • Aggregation: Max
  • Group by: Continent

Output table:

River Continent Max of Length(km)
Nile Africa 6650
Yangtze Asia 6300
Mississippi North America 6275
Amazon South America 6400
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