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Category: Workflow / Internal


This action stops project execution without producing an error. This action only works in EasyMorph Desktop and only in the current module. It's ignored in called/iterated modules or when executed not in EasyMorph Desktop.

Use cases

Breakpoint is useful for debugging heavy workflows by inserting them between actions to prevent downstream calculations and/or move through one chain of actions at a time.

Action settings

Setting Description
Current stateThis displays the current state of the action. Options: Break (active; project execution will stop at the Breakpoint) or Continue (inactive; project bypasses the Breakpoint).
ModeRefer to the table below for details about each Breakpoint mode.

Mode settings

Setting Description
Break, continue on manual runThe workflow will stop. This action, and all downstream actions, must be run manually.
Constant breakpoint stateSet the Breakpoint state whenever the project is opened. Options: Break or Continue. In this mode, you can also set the Current state.
Break on conditionThe workflow stops if the selected condition is met. Options: Break if table is empty, Break if table is NOT empty,
Break if the condition is true for EVERY row, and Break if the condition is true for ANY row.

For either of the "condition" options, select how EasyMorph will react if the condition refers to a field, but the table has no rows (e.g. data) at the time of the Breakpoint. Options: Break anyway or Do NOT break.

See also

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