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Category: Workflow / Internal


This action halts project execution if a value from the specified column(s) has a wrong data type.

Use cases

The purpose of this action is to monitor data quality and prevent projects from producing incorrect results or exporting incorrect data.

Action settings

Data type Desired/Not DesiredSelect whether the selected data type is desired or not desired in the selected columns.
Data typeSelect the data type being checked for. Options: Text, Number/date, Boolean, or Error.
Empty valuesSelect whether empty values are acceptable or not. Options: Empty values are OK or Empty values
are NOT OK
Columns to checkSelect whether the entire table will be checked, or just selected columns (and select the columns to check).


Example: In the source table, we want to stop process execution if any non-numeric values appear in the "Amount" and "Total Tax" columns.

Source table:

Province Amount Total Tax
ON 1000 125
BC #N/A 187.5
QC 2000 270

Action parameters:

The selected data type (below) will be "Desired"
The data type is "Number/date"
Select "Empty values are OK"
Select "Particular columns" and choose "Amount" and "Total Tax"

The process will stop due to the "#N/A" in row 2.

See also

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