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Category: Export / Database


This action performs fast export into a database table using the native bulk load capabilities of the target database. The action is intended for exporting large volumes of data (e.g. millions of rows or more) and may not be efficient on small datasets (e.g. with a few hundred of rows).

Currently, the following database types are supported:

Database type Driver type
BigQuery ODBC
Microsoft SQL Server Native
Oracle (experimental) Native
PostgreSQL Native
Snowflake Native / ODBC

A configured connector of the appropriate type is required.

Action settings

Setting Description
Database typeSelect the type of database. Options: BigQuery, SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or Snowflake.
Connector*Select or create a configured connector matching the Database type chosen above.
Table name*Select the table to export to. Click the refresh button if the table list does not automatically populate, or needs to be updated.
Column mapping Select the method for mapping the dataset columns to the fields in the database table.
Options: Automatic (export to database columns with the same names) or Explicit (manually map the dataset
columns on the left to the database fields on the right; use the "Map possible" link to auto-select matching field names).

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

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