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Category: Create / Generate


This action creates a 1-column list of up to 100 manually entered values. If several columns are required, the values can be entered separated by a delimiter (e.g. comma) and then split using the Split delimited text action afterward.

Use cases

This action can be used for keeping reference lists right in the project without the need to load them from external files.

Action settings

Setting Description
Paste listPaste in a list of values that has been copied to the clipboard from another application. A dialog of paste options will appear
when this is selected (see below).
Copy listCopy the list of values in this action to the clipboard, to be pasted into another application.
Clear listClear all current values from the list.
Column nameThe name of the generated field in the output dataset.
List valuesThis section displays the list of created values. Use the Add more values button to insert another blank row into the value list.

Paste values options

List doesn't have a headerCheck this if the copied list does not have a header row as the first row.
DecimalSelect whether decimal places are displayed using a Point or Comma.
Replace existing listChoose this option to clear all current list values and replace them with the pasted values.
Append to existing listChoose this option to insert the copied values after the values in the existing list.


All entered values are stored in plain text in the project file. Do not use the action to store confidential or sensitive information in projects.

Community examples


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Generate data".
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